Ripped off oh definitely Jill ‘smokescreen spends every weekend looking at houses while her partner Nathan is artwork helping to build up their deposit really kills your weekend is that it’s what I that’s pretty much a full-time job I gather than what I do for work this is what I do now hey going good morning welcome Chris hey Chris Bentley here years ago their savings would have paid half the cost of a house like this not anymore but Jules knows what she wants I love the big windows I love the fact that you can see all the green.

outside so that obviously really attracts me when buying a property this wall here is the walk-in robe for that bedroom I would knock that out okay visit there’s a star out there so there’s a star in your front yard There’s no way I would do that but this I love like it is not you can’t complain when you’ve got this much backyard stall i want to be i kick a footy around in backyard Ariana on Australia Day setup you know a crooked.

Game whatever I like it however it be you’re talking about the greatest random dream exactly right yep you totally subscribe that’s exactly right you know it is a -bedroom -bath his house in kilobyte is kilometers from Melbourne CAD but it’s a lot closer to town than most people her age could even consider how many houses have you bid on and to date more than how do you find the emotional energy you can’t get emotionally.

Attached to houses anymore you can look at them and go Could see myself living here but I can’t be in love with it I can’t envision my furniture in it I can’t do one that because otherwise every week I just be gone yeah no yeah no and you can’t do that you can’t live your life being depressed every weekend because you missed out on another house the competition isn’t other home buyers its investors it’ll be the same with this property I think if we are we won’t purchase this house or a young couple dozen purchase this house I think less than two.